Baldness Cure – Is There Really a Cure?


With the modern technology in today’s world, scientists have discovered ways to treat hair loss or balding. An experiment in search of baldness cure involved in carried out using mice as an experiment object. It has been shown that self replenishing stem cells can be extracted and injected into the scalp, which helps hair to grow back. Research is still ongoing and it is expected that by 2009 the treatment will be available to humans.

Presently there are drugs such as minoxidil which is a vasodilator and is available in topical solutions that contain 2% of the drug in concentration. The drug is effective in treating hair loss at the top and back of the scalp.

Antiandrogens are also in use to treat baldness; these substances block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from binding to hair follicles. Medicines such as finasteride are also effective as these prevent the formation of DHT by blocking the formation of 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone. Antifungal drugs can also help in slowing the balding process; one such is ketoconazole, a synthetic antifungal drug that treats skin and fungal infections in patients with a weakened immune system such as with AIDS. This drug is not only anti-fungal in nature, but also inhibits the formation of 5-alpha-reductase and is a growth stimulant.

Shampoos have been developed that contain active ingredients that stimulate hair growth. Some of these shampoos contain substances such as caffeine, silica, protein extracts and essential oils. Some drugs act by shortening the resting phase of the hairs such that there are more hair follicles on the scalp being in the growing phase, such is the case with topical creams that contain copper peptides.

Daily, vigorous aerobic exercise and a low fat diet help reduce insulin levels and free testosterone which would otherwise be converted into DHT and cause baldness. This has not been studied in detail and has yet to be considered as baldness cure.

Conditions such as alopecia areata which is caused by the immune system damaging the hair follicles can be treated by daily scalp massages with essential oils. Low level laser therapy can be done to stimulate hair growth from dormant follicles and such laser products come in the form of hair laser combs.

Hair transplants are widely used as treatment for severe cases of baldness. During transplantation, hair follicles from the thick hair growing regions are transferred to the thinning bald regions. Another surgical method that is in use is that of scalp reduction, where the balding region of the scalp is exercised and the remaining skin is pulled together and sutured.

We have been listening to radio, watching videos and articles in hope to search for an ultimate baldness cure. Millions of dollars have been invested in research for baldness cure. Till today, certain drugs like propecia and minoxidil can really help to slow hair loss or even promote hair grow, but it has to be used long term. For a complete cure, one of the solutions is to go for a hair transplant with long term medication.

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