Baldness in Women – Causes and Treatments


To be able to arrive to a specific solution to hair loss in women, the initial step is to look for the root cause of this condition. There can be many underlying causes and the best treatment would only be specified once the source is pointed out.

What causes hair loss among females? Loss of hair among males is often attributed to their parents’ genes but when it comes to females, there are many other reasons that could trigger hair loss.

Factors that may Cause Hair Loss

Career women and mothers are people that are constantly stressed. It is believed that too much stress can also cause hair loss (among many other physical conditions that could sprout). Whether the stress is emotional or physical (or it could also be both), still, it is mandatory that women try to balance their lives and relax every once in a while.

Aside from stress, one other culprit is the female hormone. Hormonal imbalance could be hereditary or it could also be caused by some medications or improper diet. Also, women who are undergoing chemotherapy would most likely lose their hair. Hair loss in chemotherapy patients is not limited to the hair on one’s head but also the pubic area, armpits and other body hairs.

Women who are keen on staying in style and looking good each time are also bound to suffer from hair loss if they aren’t careful. The use of too much hair colorants, blow drying, and even hair straightening (or curling) solutions could greatly affect the strength of hair. Shampoos that have SLS or sodium laureth sulfate in them could also clog the pores on the scalp and eventually cause the hair to thin and fall out.

Sometimes, the environment that a woman lives in could contribute to hair loss. With too much exposure to the sun and warm winds, hair could easily dry out and would soon become fragile. If not properly conditioned, it would soon break, or worse, fall out.

What a Woman Should Do

Hair loss caused by stressful living could be easily treated. All that a woman has to do is to manage her time well and to become less of a worry wart. The problems would definitely still be there but becoming graceful under pressure could be rewarding. Aside from worrying less, it would help to have regular massages (either on the whole body or just the area affected by hair loss). Massages bring about relaxation and this is what a stressed woman needs. It would also help to go into an exercise regimen that would foster relaxation-yoga for instance.

For hormonal imbalances, it is always wise to consult a physician so that the proper medication (to balance the hormones) would be given. Irregularities on a woman’s immune system could also be remedied with certain medications. When the hormones are normalized, it is assumed that re-growth of the hair would soon ensue.

There are many hair loss products in the market that are now specifically made to fit women. Again, just consult a physician, first, before buying any of these products. For those who are more conservative on their choice of treatments, there are also natural remedies such as applying mixtures and solutions to the bald spot. Natural herbs such as aloe vera, rosemary oil, lauat and oils such as virgin coconut and olive oil could also help in growing hair back.

With constant and religious use of any chosen treatment, there is a slight chance that hair loss would be reversed. Some treatments may take time but perseverance would definitely pay off.

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