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As unfortunate as it is, men are not the only ones that may have to deal with the loss of hair throughout their lives.  There are many women than most of us truly realize that are highly prone to the loss of hair as they age. Just about the same as hair loss happens in men, some women will tend to loose their hair gradually too. Unless the gradual hair loss is noticed and cared for in the earliest of stages, there will be a day that the mirror will not lie about the thinning, and even in the worst of cases there may be balding spots upon your head.   

Although, there can be several reasons as to why some men and women have hair loss while others do not, with the hair loss in women it is more often than not caused by the Androgenetic Alopecia condition. The specific hair loss signs of Androgenetic Alopecia are the extreme thinning that happens upon the front, top and side areas of the hairlines and head.  The hair loss caused by Alopecia is caused due to heredity factors on either side of the parents and their family genetics.    

It has been shown that approximately 33% of women who are postmenopausal will experience loss of hair, directly related to the problem of Androgenetic Alopecia. But besides the hair loss contributed to Androgenic Alopecia, there is also hair loss in women due to extreme on going stress, certain birth control pills, along with hormonal imbalances. Even giving birth of a woman’s children each time there often can be a temporary hair loss or extreme thinning problem, but many of the reasons for hair loss in women are only a year long or so, outside the Androgenetic Alopecia.   

Hair loss that is permanent will happen when the follicles of the hair will die. But when your hair follicles tend to be in a state of dormancy, there will still be hope in stopping the hair follicles from permanently dieing. When this is the case there are hair loss nutrient supplements that significantly reduce the hair loss. Not only will the loss of hair be stopped by the blockage of the body Dihydrotestonstrone productions, but also there are other nutrients in the hair loss supplements that will also stimulate the hair follicles of the scalp to encourage the regrowth of healthy fuller and thicker hair.

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