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Not all men can effectively stop hair loss. To find a product that will do the job and do it well to regrow hair nowadays is hard. However there is a remedy for male baldness.

There remedies are totally natural and while not as expensive as the most popular hair loss treatments for men, they work just the same.

In fact they work better and with zero side effects. Let’s fact it, we have all wasted money on some kind of so-called cure to hopefully end our hair loss.

Going bald is a nightmare for most men. We pride our hair since it makes us look younger and more appealing.

To really start growing your hair back, a great remedy for baldness involves scalp massage. That’s right, scalp massage.

What can massaging the scalp do for you? First you need to know that lack of blood circulation is one of the many reasons why men lose their hair.

A study was done involving a group of bald men and a group of men with healthy growing hair. Test results showed that the bald men had a 2% circulation of blood in the scalp, while the men with growing hair had 10%.

So you can see why this is important. There are several ways to get a good supply of blood to the follicles.

Take your fingertips and massage all thinning areas where you want hair to grow for 15 minutes. This in itself acts as a remedy for male baldness.

If you find that massaging your scalp is boring and too much work, head to the drug store and pick up a bottle of ginkgo biloba extract. It increases circulation throughout the body when taken in 120 mg to 160 mg three times daily.

Massaging the scalp is only one way to stop hair loss. Log on to [http://hair4u.blogspot.com] to sign up for weekly FREE hair loss tips and learn of another remedy for male baldness that will produce great results.

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