Facing The Problem Of Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

Hair loss during pregnancy is a very normal phenomenon. Do not fret over it. This is a temporarily phase so you really do not need to worry about it. Once the baby is delivered, your hair will grow back in no time.

Loss of Hair when you are pregnant is very natural. In many women, the loss is low however; some may experience a significant damage. Hormonal changes in your body are the major reason for this phenomenon. The intensity varies with every woman.

As thinning of hair after pregnancy is caused due to hormonal imbalance, it sorts out by itself once you have delivered. You can take tips from other new moms who have already been through that phase.

If you are worried about looking good after pregnancy, you might consult your stylist to give your thinned hair a new look. Care in the period when you have delivered your baby will however help in moderating the loss. Try to use different accessories to make your hair look good and different. Remember this temporary phase might be your chance of experiment with Alice bands, funky clips and weird accessories.

For many women, the same hormonal changes might lead to longer, stronger and healthier growth on the scalp. These women might suffer from loss after childbirth but not while they are pregnant.

If you are suffering from loss of your crowing glory, it’s advisable to consult your doctor. You can also take basic care of your scalp by following these tips:

  • Use a mild shampoo
  • Consult your stylist before using any new products
  • Don’t over comb your hair
  • Steer clear from chemicals, color and dryers

Be rest assured that your locks will return to normal once you bring your baby in this world.

Don’t Fight It Out

Try to cope with the changes rather than fighting them. Regular visits to the salon can be very expensive, so try to give yourself a new and fresh style with new accessories.

Oil Massages

Regular oil massage helps the scalp to remain conditioned. You can try various relaxing oils for your head massage. There are some essential oils, which can be used when you are expecting. After the massage give your scalp a luxurious steam with a warm towel and relax. This would surely help reduce the loss of hair after pregnancy.

Your Hair Reflects Your Health

Women who suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy or are not taking nutritious diet tend to face this problem even more after childbirth. Pregnant women should therefore take a healthy diet and ensure enough nutrient-intake. Iron is especially good for scalp and deficiency of the same can lead to higher damage. You can ask your doctor to give you a balanced diet chart.

After Delivery

Many women face damage once they have delivered the baby. Hairfall is the maximum from 3 to 6 months after delivery. This happens because your body is returning to being normal and the hormones are returning to their levels. Remember that loss of hair after pregnancy is normal and you can deal with it by adjusting your hairstyle and ensuring a balanced diet.

Women experience hair loss both during pregnancy period and hair loss after pregnancy. Don’t worry, although looking good after pregnancy is very important to most women, care after pregnancy can go a long way to control hair loss. And hair would always grow back in time, as well.

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