Hair Loss Causes and Preventive Measures


Many wonder why hair loss occurs at some point in one’s life and then becomes a part of history as if it never happened. For men though, hair loss is an anticipated phase and is based on how heavily the male hormone is changed from 5-alpha reductase to DHT or also known as Dihydrotestosterone.

Though it is natural for a person to lose hair, it does not become a problem until the person realizes that more than 50% of hair is lost. Aside from hormonal pattern that causes hair loss mostly for men, there is also a great risk in losing one’s mane if left untreated. How can a person leave his or her hair untreated? Don’t you think it’s already a preposterous idea not to use shampoo or comb? There are actually a lot of factors, and for one thing, being under stress can cause dryness and dullness.

Working against hair loss is a plausible idea which also gives great benefits if you do it as early as possible. Since we brought up stress awhile ago, why not try to work against becoming too stressed out by meditating or doing exercises that are specifically for stress reduction. Also, massaging your scalp in a regular basis can help in moderating proper blood flow to help hair growth. All you need is a stiff toothbrush on the affected area. Even when you don’t have a bald spot yet, you may start taking precautionary measures to prevent having one.

Another major player in causing hair loss is also a person’s diet and nutrition intake. Aside from a balanced diet, a good resource of vitamin supplies is essential in completing a healthy diet with high nutritional values. But, even taking in too much vitamins is not a good idea. You do realize that vitamins are drugs that are produced synthetically. This means that each pill, tablet or capsule contains chemicals which are not good for the body at all. In this sense, it is just logical to take in vitamins regularly but not too much. There are people who think that vitamins can do so much for them and yet, it only turns matters to worse. If you are more than willing though, go for the vitamins that are obtained from whole foods. This means that taking in vitamins directly from vegetables, liver, milk; eggs and fish oil is a better idea.

Prevent losing hair as well by simply refraining from using hair products with too much chemicals. Similar to choosing fresh food over vitamin capsules, it is also far better to use hair products that have natural ingredients. Think of this, if you are enjoying having a healthy hair now, do whatever it takes to maintain it.

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