Hair Loss – Causes And Treatments

Hair loss is the main concern of many youngsters these days and many of them seek many measures to arrest it. While the length, thickness of the hair is attributed to inheritance, hair loss has its own causes and may differ in its profundity.

Hair loss can be caused by any one of these factors:

· Poor maintenance of hair and scalp

· Dandruff

· Climatic conditions

· Health status

· Nutrition

· Stress

Now lets examine how each of these contribute to hair loss:

· Poor maintenance of hair and scalp:

Now this deals with the importance that each person gives to personal hygiene and grooming. Hair and scalp if not properly washed and groomed, can lead to hair loss. The scalp must be cleaned in regular intervals using a mild shampoo. Certain tips must be followed while maintaining those tresses.

The golden rules are:

– Never wring hair after a wash.

– Never comb wet hair.

– Wiping the hair dry gently with a soft towel.

– Using the dryer judiciously (excessive usage may lead to increased hair loss combined with change in texture)

– To remove tangles, the hair must be combed from the bottom to the top.

– The scalp must be ideally lubricated, using hair oil (coconut). This makes combing easier (therefore hair loss is reduced).

– Using a scarf beneath a helmet will also absorb sweat and prevent damage to hair.

– Excessive usage of chemicals such as dyes, colours, sprays, gels, will lead to increased hair loss.

· Dandruff:

This may be due to several reasons and presence of dandruff leads to hair loss. Using anti dandruff shampoos and proper maintenance can control dandruff. However if the problem persists, it is advisable that a dermatologist may be consulted for treatment.

· Climatic changes:

Change in climate may have different effects on hair. Hair loss increases during winter, where hair tips tends to split up. The hair also becomes dry, which turns the hair brittle. Oiling the hair can control this. However, during summer, sweat attracts a lot of dirt, and people who are often exposed to dust pollution, are prone to increased hair loss. Hair needs to be washed more frequently in these cases.

· Health Status:

It is always said that the health of a person is reflected by the health of his hair. Hair loss increases during illnesses such as Typhoid, Cancer, AIDS. Women experience increased hair loss during child labour. When treatments are taken for certain health conditions such as Cancer (Chemotherapy), hair loss is profound and is caused due to the drugs that are consumed.

· Nutrition:

Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin and the growth of hair requires the supply of nutrients and a balanced diet. The diet must ideally consist of lots of proteins and vitamins, which provides the health to the hair. Water must be had aplenty. Popular Grandmother remedies include the use of dates and curry leaves in one’s diet, which supplies the necessary iron.

· Stress:

Stress is one of the main culprits of hair loss. Mental tension increases heat in the body, which leads to increased hair loss. One must actually stop fretting about their hair loss, as it will by itself amount to the stress. Relaxing oneself, taking massages, practicing Yoga and meditation will de-stress the body and prevent further damage.

· Miscellaneous:

Prejudice of Nature has subjected men to increased hair loss compared to women. This is why men can be seen with receding hairlines as they age. Baldness is hereditary and cannot be prevented. However, it can be postponed with proper care. However technological developments have thrown up the options of hair transplant and other such treatments. People should not jump at these luring choices and must decide wisely before acting.

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