Hair Loss Facts and Fallacies – Discover the Truth


There are a lot of myths regarding male and female hair loss. This article includes the most common myths and whether or not there is any truth to them.

1) There is no cure for hair loss.

False: While each person is different, there is a hair loss treatment for everyone. Some people are able to stop hair loss, while others are able to see new hair growth. It is best to speak with a doctor about what options, such as Rogaine, Propecia, or perhaps even a hair transplant is best for you.

2) Brushing your hair frequently can prevent hair loss by stimulating the circulation.

False: Frequent or heavy brushing can actually cause further damage to the hairs, and possibly make the problem worse.

3) Blow drying your hair causes hair loss.

True and False: The extreme heat from blow dryers can damage your hair by drying them out, which can ultimately lead to them breaking off. This typically only affects the hairs, and not the follicles which is the source of hair growth. Hair dryers should not be used on their highest heat setting, but rather their coolest setting in order to prevent damage to the hair.

4) Shampooing frequently causes hair loss.

False: Frequent shampooing is beneficial to your hair to clean the hair and scalp from any dirt buildup. It is important to thoroughly wash out any shampoo to remove harmful detergents. Using a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing is very important to replenish any lost moisture.

5) Highlights, hair coloring and treatments, and hairspray cause hair loss.

False: When using any of these products, it affects the hair, and not the follicles. While these chemicals may have damaging affects on the hair, they cannot penetrate to damage the follicles.

6) Wearing hats causes hair loss.

False: Believe it or not, your hair is not actually alive. The root of the hair, the follicle, is alive and gets its nutrients from your blood flow in the scalp. Wearing hats does not impede the oxygen or blood flow to the follicle, just to the hair, which does not need to breath.

7) The gene that causes hair loss is a maternal trait.

False: It has been commonly believed that hair loss comes from your mother’s side of the family. New evidence shows that while hair loss is a genetic trait, it can come from either side of your family, and it perhaps even a combination of traits.

8) Stress causes hair loss.

True and False: Extreme cases of stress, whether physical or emotional, have been known to cause hair loss. Most of the stress each of us faces in day to day life will not cause hair loss.

9) Cutting your hair or shaving your head will encourage hair growth.

False: Cutting your hair does not result in a fuller, thicker, head of hair as it grows back. Your hair follicles are responsible for hair growth, which are not affected when you cut your hair.

10) Other hair loss facts:

a) Approximately 50% of men and 20% of women will be affected by hair loss in their lifetimes.

b) Each person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day, which is perfectly normal, and not a sign of hair loss.

c) The average hair grows at a rate of approximately ½ inch per month.

d) Each hair grows between 4 to 7 years before it is shed.

e) Regular exercise and a diet high in protein, fruits, vegetables and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K will help promote healthy hair.

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