Hair Loss is a Major Problem


The fear to go bald touches many people, both males and females. We are all unhappy to see the amount of hair left in the basin after we shower! Fact is we lose 50-100 hairs daily anyways, it’s a natural normal process. The hair stays on our heads and mostly falls down when we shower so it is really hard to tell if what you see is hair you are losing on the spot or hair that felt already!

So how do you make sure your hair is starting to get thin? The signs are often deceiving, what is the real test? There is a “Tug test” that is pretty relevant: hold about 20 strands of hair between your finger and your thumb, pull gently but firmly. If at least 6 were removed your hair its getting thin!

The main causes for hair loss:

– Heredity

– Major illness

Who can be affected?

– Adults (elderly)

– Teens

Adults and teens can equally be affected by hair loss. Teens are more concerned with their physical appearance so they care more about this condition.

Among causes for hair loss:

– Improper diet

– Illness

– Hairstyles

– Chemotherapy

For teenagers usually if the hair loss cause is correctly identified and removed the hair will grow back.

Common misconceptions about hair loss:

– brushing your hair a lot will stimulate your hair: FALSE – overdoing it an only damage the hair

– Frequent shampooing and cleansing causes hair loss: FALSE – the hair removed in the shower is already fallen out; shampoo helps your hair grow

– hair needs to bread : FALSE – our hair gets its oxygen from our blood; wig or caps don’t hurt it unless they are to tight

What can we do to prevent hair loss?

– keep your hair’s natural beauty: wash it, use protein rich shampoo and brush it

– avoid too much style

– avoid gadgets that can add unnecessary extra pressure on your hair

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