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Hair is measure of beauty; often it is the hair that can help you look young or old. No wonder, when youth is connected with hair, people try many things to protect their crop of hair or else get a completely new one, natural or artificial.

Hair loss is a normal process, every day each one of losses almost 50 hair per day to be replaced by new hair. This is hardly noticeable to us. However, the real problem begins when hair loss exceeds 50 hairs and there is no new hair growth in place of the lost hair. The result is balding. Balding occurs both in men and women, however, there are very less chances of women going completely bald because their hormones protect them from this situation, men are not so lucky.

However, thinning of hair has been bothersome for both sexes and there are several reasons why this occurs:

1) Excessive Use of Chemicals Based Products: This mistake is committed unknowingly most of the times. People tend to use the latest brand of a shampoo or a hair styling product, these products though created with utmost care, may not suit every hair type. Hair is delicate and it cannot withstand the harsh treatment. This results in hair fall. Initially no one really bothers about it unless the hair really starts thinning down.

2) Diet: People with low calorie or badly planned diet often start losing hair, hair just like other parts of the body need nourishment. Lack of nourishment can result into hair starting to look dull and luster less, after sometime it will start falling resulting into baldness.

3) Hygiene: unclean hair will definitely be a breeding ground for several different types of micro organisms, body’s natural protection does fight against infestations, but if it continues of long period, you will end up damaging hair because of several scalp and skin problems, resulting into baldness.

4) Illnesses: This is a reason that cannot be helped, a sad but an obvious reason for hair fall. Some of the classic illness related hair fall cases can be seen in cancer patients. Reason for hair fall can be because of medications or therapies like the chemotherapy.

5) Hair Treatment: How your hair will look and stay like very much depends on how you treat it all during day time. If you tie your hair tightly, it can result into you balding from the front, if you comb harshly or use very hot iron curlers, there is a possibility of you damaging cuticles permanently resulting in hair loss.

For healthy hair you should ensure the following:

1) Use natural products for hair care rather than chemical based products;

2) Eat healthy, ensure that your food provides you with enough nutrition;

3) Maintain good hygiene, cleaner the scalp, lesser skin related problems and less chances of you losing hair.

4) Try forms of yoga like the ‘shirshasana’ it brings blood supply back to head and has proven helpful for growing back hair.

5) Try massaging your hair with medicated oils, simple coconut oil can provide your hair with protection against harsh sunlight and fungal infections, it can also provide your hair with enough nutrition for proper growth.

Try above steps to ensure that you get proper hair growth.

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