Hair Loss Treatment For Men – What’s The Best Option?


In this article I’m going to talk about hair loss treatment for man. If you are thinking about treating your hair loss, its pretty confusing to pick the right product. Everyone knows since the hair loss industry is so big, there are a wide variety of scams out there. I tried and tested a bunch of different products and posted them down below. Read from my experiences so you don’t waste your money on bogus hair loss products!


I tried Rogaine because it was the first thing that I thought of when I thought of a hair loss treatment product. It’s heavily advertised and commercially very popular. The question I had was if it actually lived up to all the hype that was around it. I bought the topical solution and tried it for about a month. My hair loss stopped a little bit, but not as much as I hoped for. Having to rub the gel on my scalp twice a day got pretty annoying and a pain to have to deal with. I’ve also heard that Rogaine has not been proven to help restore the hair in the frontal regions of your head. This was the part that I needed the most treatment so I decided to look for another option.


I looked into Propecia because my doctor prescribed it to me. He told me that the reason I was seeing much of my hair loss was because of a chemical called dihydrotestosterone that is found in my scalp. He recommended this drug because it’s responsible for stopping this chemical which would in effect, stop your hair loss and promote new growth. My doctor did warm me that many people experienced negative effects using Propecia. I was desperate for anything that would work so I tried it anyway. I actually saw a good amount of results with Propecia – my hair had stopped falling out and even was starting to become a bit thicker. My doctor was right though – the negative symptoms (loss of sex drive and loss of energy) was a bit too much to handle so I decided to stop using it.

Best Option – Provillus

I decided to go with an herbal DHT blocker because I read that they work pretty much the same as drugs such as Propecia, except they are made up of herbal ingredients. This is important because since its all-natural, it doesn’t give its users the side effects that Propecia would. My biggest concern was if it gave the same sort of results. I figured the only way I would know was if I actually tried it out for myself. After about 4 weeks of taking it, my hair had stopped falling out all together and around the 10th week, my hair started to become a bit thicker and started to grow in a bit. The best part was I wasn’t feeling any of the negative symptoms I was with Propecia. So for a hair loss treatment for man, I would suggest using Provillus.

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