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There are many herbs that have been proven to prevent hair loss and many of them will
actually start to regrow the hair. When you look into the possibility of using herbal hair
loss products, you do have to ensure that they are safe to use for your gender. One of the
most commonly used herbs is saw palmetto. This herb can be taken in pill form and has
been proven to cause regrowth all over the body. Therefore, it is not suitable for
women to use. The recommended dosage is 160mg. per day, but the herb should come
from the berry extract and not from the berries themselves. Pygeum, for example, comes
from the bark of the evergreen tree and is widely used to treat prostate problems and male
pattern baldness.

Some herbs also have other qualities that make them great for simply achieving good
health. Green tea is good for helping one to lose weight and is also known for its hair loss
prevention properties. Researchers have found that green tea does help to inhibit DHT,
which is known to cause hair loss. The product has been found to be effective in treating
male pattern baldness.

Ginkyo Biloba is a herb that many people take to improve memory and concentration. It
does so by improving the circulation of the blood to the brain and the skin. In so doing, it
is also effective in reducing hair loss by delivering the nutrients to the follicles and
inspiring more regrowth. He Shou Wo is also another herb that you can take in tea or
pill form to help reduce the amount of hair you lose.

There are many shampoos you can get that contain herbal ingredients conducive to regrowth. Since many of the herbal remedies are not suitable for women to use as pills,
they should read the ingredients on the hair treatments they use to see whether or not they
contain herbs. The herbal ingredients in the shampoos are safe for anyone to use.

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