Losing Hair? How Much Is Excessive In A Woman?


Losing your hair is a frightening proposition for anyone but it is particularly devastating for a woman. A woman’s hair has been called her crowning glory and both men and women want thick, healthy looking hair. As the commercial says “We deserve it!”

In this article we examine the question: How much is too much?

Every woman has wondered after washing her hair whether her hair loss is excessive or normal. Most women tend to lose a bit of hair every time they shampoo, and as they scrape the hair out of the drain in the shower or the sink, every woman wonders if her hair loss is normal or is she is suffering from excessive hair loss.

Causes Of Hair Loss

There are dozens of ingredients, medications and chemicals that can cause excessive hair loss. If you are taking chlorambucil, colchicine, danazol, fenifibrate, ibuprofen, nadolol, oral birth control pills, vitamin A or warfarin, you should not be surprised if you experience excessive hair loss, as these compounds are all known to cause loss of hair.

Hormones And Hair

Generally speaking, hormonal changes can wreak havoc on your hair, sometimes causing excessive hair loss. Even if hair loss does not occur, many females experience changes in the thickness, curliness or texture of their hair while their bodies are undergoing hormonal changes such as puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, birth control, lactation and menopause. Every phase of a woman’s hormonal life can affect her hair.

Stress And Hair Loss

Stress is another factor in excessive hair loss. Learning to manage your stress can help reduce the excessive hair loss you may be experiencing. Some of the steps you can take toward relieving stress include getting daily cardiovascular exercise, eating a healthy diet, taking yoga or Pilates classes, meditating or setting aside a daily quiet time or prayer session, and committing to yourself not to sweat the small stuff.

Heredity And Hair Loss

Men know they are experiencing hereditary hair loss when they notice the classic male baldness pattern, receding at the temples and developing a thinning spot on top. This type of baldness is quite often inherited from one parent or the other, usually from the mother’s side of the family.

With women, the clues are not so obvious. One day a woman may notice that there is an awful lot of hair left in the shower drain after she shampoos, and a big wad of hair left in her hairbrush every time she brushes her hair. Perhaps she observes the strands of hair left in the towel after she towel-dries her hair, or the fact that her reflection in the mirror has changed, and her scalp can now be seen shining beneath the once thick, once luxurious hair.

Whatever the cause, experts agree that identifying the behavior or condition that is causing the hair loss and closely observing the results can usually treat excessive hair loss in women.

So ladies do not be worried by all that hair on your brush because it may be passing thing. However, it would be prudent to watch iot carefully and treat your hair well. After all you want it hanging around for a long time.

Kelvyn Peters has been a medical research consultant for many years and now he is retired we have convinced him to publish some articles. We hope you find them helpful.


Kelvyn Peters


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