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Generally there are many reasons for hair loss and one of the main reasons is the factor of aging. Besides this there are many other reasons which are not most common, such as sickness or surgery. During this time you may notice that your hair keeps gradually withering.

Reasons for hair loss

There are also other reasons for loss of hair and that is mental stress and hormonal imbalance in women. Especially the main cause for the loss of hair is the imbalanced androgens and the estrogens. When the imbalance of the androgens and the estrogens are set in order the loss of the hair can be either reduced or even completely stopped. There are also reasons where the falling of hairs is due to over medication. This type of falling of hair is of a temporary nature and that which is caused due to this reason can be easily rectified by either stopping the medication or changing the kind of medication

Hair loss cycle

The growth and loss of the hair is a general routine for all men and women as a part of ones life cycle. In a normal situation growth of the hair will prolong for six years. The hair grows approximately one centimeter in a month. After certain period the hair stops growing and then it begins to fall down. In certain cases a new hair grows at the place where the old hair has fallen. This cycle continues day by day. Though this is a normal hair growth cycle some people have the hair falling in excess. This type of excess falling of hair is common in both men and women. To avoid such kind of heavy fall of hair a herbal based shampoo which is called Zulvera can be used.

Hair care solutions

As there is a general saying that prevention is better than cure. Usually falling of hair is caused due to the pigtails, corn rows or the rollers used tightly to the hair. The loss of hair caused due to these reasons is called traction alopecia. Due to the heavy pulling of the hair the loss occurs and when the development of the scarring in the scalp reduces the hair again starts growing normally. However it is better to use the Zulvera herbal shampoo which reduces falling of hair.

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