Provillus Consumer Review – Another Overly-Hyped Product?


In this article I’m going to give my Provillus Consumer Review. Provillus is one of the most popular hair loss products in the internet, which is the primary reason why I was so skeptical about it. If anything is overly advertised, especially on the internet, its usually some sort of a scam, I didn’t think Provillus was an exception. Yet I was still curious as to why so many review sites ranked it first and why so many people gave it positive reviews. I did my own personal research to answer these questions and to see if Provillus actually delivered on its message. After my research, I tried it out for myself to see first hand if it was a scam or not. I had some interesting results – I hope you enjoy my Provillus consumer review.

Two Sides of the Story

When I researched on Provillus in review sites, user feedback, and forum posts, I wanted to see first hand what others thought of this product. It seems that many had mixed feeling on Provillus, even though it was getting such high reviews. From what I read, there were two sorts of people. The first side were those that are for medical products such as Propecia. The second side were those that were for herbal DHT blocking products such as Provillus. The funny thing was that most people on the Provillus side were former users of Propecia. It seems they couldn’t handle the nasty side effects of Provillus which includes a loss of sexual drive, an inability to have a fully erect penis, depression, and sever stomach pains. I myself was on this side as I had used Propecia in the past and couldn’t take the symptoms associated with using. I further researched if Provillus actually gave real results.

The Results – Were there any?

After further probing into the Propecia supporters posts and comments, it seems the large majority of them have never even tried Provillus for themselves and were making assumptions when they didn’t have first hand experience of the product. I too was guilty of what they had been doing, after hearing so much buzz around Provillus on the internet, one would naturally assume that it’s a scam. Yet when I actually researched further and read those that actually had used Provillus and had something to say, it seems the majority of users actually saw real results. Most people’s hair loss stopped all together, their hair started to become thicker, and some even experienced a growth in new hair.

Although this seems pretty convincing, I still couldn’t believe the hype until I tried it myself. I saw that there was a 6 month money back guarantee on Provillus so I decided I had nothing to lose and tried it out. Now I can only speak for about 6 weeks worth of experience, but I’m already starting to see results. My hair loss has pretty much dramatically slowed down and my hair is starting to become a little thicker. This is pretty encouraging because you normally do not see results until the 2nd or 3rd month. I don’t know if this progress will continue but I can tell you for certain that’s its working so far. I hope you enjoyed this Provillus consumer review and has helped to inform you better on making a decision that’s best for you.

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