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Hair is viewed by many in our society as a form of power and youthful vigor. If you lose your hair a lot of times your self-esteem goes along with it. One product for treating hair loss is helping to make a change. That product is Provillus, and the reviews are many for it.

Negative and positive things are being said about how well this stuff can really regrow hair. Not only that, its ability to halt baldness all-together is something that also must be considered.

Upon ordering Provillus you will find that it is a two-part system. Part of it consisting of an herbal pill, and the other a topical solution that’s placed upon the scalp.

The Provillus solution is a fast drying agent and it is usually applied twice daily. Once in the morning and just before you go to bed at night is sufficient enough. So what’s so special about this product, after all there’s a lot more hair loss treatments available you can use?

It all boils down to what it’s composed of. Most of what’s used to make Provillus are natural ingredients. Go look on the shelves at another popular baldness product and you will find a good number of artificial ingredients and chemicals.

it’s even been discovered that 90% of all leading shampoos contain an active ingredient that causes eventual baldness with continued use. That’s something you should think about when looking to regrow your hair.

Science has been making some great discoveries on exactly what may lead to hair loss, and just what a person cn do to control it. DHT has been identified as a possible leading culprit.

It is a byproduct hormone given off by the male hormone testosterone. Provillus has been designed to especially fight this hair damaging enemy, and customer reviews show that it’s highly effective.

I used Provillus for three months and while my hair was just barely thinning, I needed something to thicken it up a bit. I was quite surprised to find that it really worked in a short amount of time.

Saw palmetto is definitely a DHT blocker and you will find that this product has a great amount of it in it. That’s not all that’s needed to prevent hair loss, you also need various vitamins and minerals.

Keep in mind that your hair just like any other part of the body. Your body organs need certain vitamins, herbs, and minerals to grow and function properly. Guess what, your hair does too.

Not all will successfully do the trick though, that’s why you should consider treatments such as Provillus to be your first priority. You will find vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, nettle root, pumpkin seed, and a few others that are rare and not readily accessible to the body.

Some people fear side effects. I don’t blame them because just about every drug on the market is associated with some type of bad side effect. This hasn’t been the case with Provillus. I’ve read a ton of reviews of its side effects and none have been major if any at all.

Mark Crawford is a certified Dermatologist and he highly urges you to read more Provillus reviews [http://provillus–].

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