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When it comes to preventing baldness, the trend today is for people to aim at buying the latest and greatest new product to hit the scene. Is there anything wrong with this? Yes and no, but in my opinion when it comes to stopping hair loss, you don’t have to take that route.

Really the true ways of regrowing your hair don’t involve the use of various topical products and herbal supplements, they are based upon real, scientific methods. Now don’t get me wrong, regrowing hair is a task and it can be often tedious.

But really if you follow what I’m going to outline to you, you will soon find that your hair has stopped coming out and you will soon see more of it where it was lost. So to being let’s identify what is causing you in particular to lose your hair.

Are you on any prescription medications? Do you have a chronic illness or have just recovered from being sick? Do you get a sufficient amount of magnesium, zinc, biotin, and vitamin B in your diet? If you answered no to anyone of these, then chances are this could be the reason for your baldness.

Now what you want to do especially if you are a guy reading this article, is start incorporating some saw palmetto extract into your daily vitamin regimen. This is an herb that’s relatively inexpensive that can be purchased in any local drug store, and it will serve a certain purpose that I’m going to mention to you in a second.

Also too you will be massaging your scalp daily for about 10 to 15 minutes to increase blood circulation. This will allow blood to reach the hair follicle roots and give them the proper nutrients required for them to produce you some new hair.

Now back to the saw palmetto, you need to take 1,500 mg of this per day to block the hormone DHT that’s produced in your body as a result of testosterone. Research has really shown that this is why we experience receding hairlines and many other embarrassing balding problems.

There are over 100 natural home remedies and secret techniques that are being kept a secret by the major hair loss companies. Only about 3% of hair loss sufferers really know what they are.

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Mark Crawford is a certified dermatologist who has helped many fight baldness and win.

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