Remedy Hair Loss With Easy to Apply Tactics


If you want your hair back you must have a plan. Every plan when set out efficiently will turn into great results. The same can be said of a hair loss problem you’re trying to beat.

I want to take the time in this article to show you a few key idea and tactics you can use right after reading this article for maximum benefits in hair growth. But first I want to expose a lie that’s being spread to a lot of folks.

That lie is that hair loss is caused by a person’s genetics and heredity. You will hear this from even some of the most highly educated dermatologists and professionals. But let me just say this, the reason why this is just a myth is because science has proven that thinning hair has various causes.

One main cause of receding hairlines and pattern baldness in particular is linked to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is like a magnet to your hair follcles. It binds to them and stays there, making them become weaker and weaker till they die and your hair falls out.

Here are some ways you can stop this hormone:

Take saw palmetto daily . Saw palmetto has been found to be a natural blocker of DHT. Scientists don’t know exactly what it is that causes this hormone to block DHT so well but it does. Use it to your advantage.

Drink green tea each day . Don’t for one second doubt the ability of green tea to stop hair loss. All you need to do is drink four cups of this great tea daily and you’re set. If you don’t like the taste of it, there are green tea capsules you can take instead.

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