The Best Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention For Men


Hair loss is a common concern for adult males, mostly between the age of 30 and 50 years of age. It is regarded as a sign of deteriorating health even though it has no implications for bad health, furthermore, it is one of the first signs of old age and reduced attractiveness, in which younger generations may feel it necessary to poke fun at, which causes the generational gap to seem larger than it really is. Hair loss also reduces men’s perceived attractiveness and can effect close relationships, not to mention constant taunts from friends and family. For these reasons among others, more and more men are looking for the best treatment and prevention for hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

Although there is no exact cause for hair loss, it is generally regarded as a genetic trait. It is said to effect 50% of males at the age of 50 and one is at higher risk if there is a close male relative with male pattern baldness. An over sensitivity to the male sex hormone – androgen is said to contribute to the degradation of hair follicles on the head.

Course of hair loss

The common course of hair loss that men go through to their distress is firstly, a gradual receding hairline, then the hair on the top of the head thins forming a horseshoe shape around the back and side of the head. Many men along with their partners may not find this an attractive look and so, men attempt to get to the root of the problem (excuse the pun) by looking for the best treatment and prevention measures.

Treatment and prevention

– daily vigorous aerobic exercise (e.g. weight training) is said to lower baseline dihydrotestosterone (which are the androgens that attack hair follicles)

– diet and lifestyle- watch what you eat. Studies have shown that a high calorie diet and a sedentary lifestyle increase the chance of hair loss.

– hair transplants – often seen as a last resort, can be very successful, but is expensive.

– minoxidil – This is a drug which is very successful in the the treatment of hair loss for men and may be considered the best. It is available over the counter and is the only available FDA approved topical ingredient. It was also seen in effective hair loss treatments as Rogaine in the USA.

Hair loss is a problem that can be managed by anyone. Issues such as cost, time and effectiveness of treatment should be taken into consideration which best suits you in order to help reduce that dreaded generational gap. With the correct amount of knowledge a good treatment solution can be achieved. For more information on the most effective treatments visit best hair loss treatments []

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