Top Five Reasons of Why We Lose Hair


Male pattern hair loss, receding hair lines, alopecia or hereditary hair loss seems to be every one’s problem now a days. Most people think that because receding hairlines are a distinctive feature of their family thus hair loss runs in their families. Still so many people are trying to find hair loss solutions that really work to stop hair loss. When you see somebody after a while and they tell you that you have lost your graceful puff or your hair are thinning, you will not be happy to discover that you are losing hair. Like many other people, you must have asked to yourselves, “why on the earth I am losing my hair?” Nonetheless if we know the exact reasons of hair loss, we may be able to reach correct treatment.

Top five reasons for hair loss:

  • Stress.
  • Illness or surgery.
  • Hormonal problems.
  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Improper hair care


Stress can be a result of some events in our life. If we are living a stressful life, we are more likely to lose hair rapidly. It has been observed that people with extra burdon of work and responsibilities are more prone to hair loss. If you have something in life that is causing burdon on your mind, it will definitely affect your hair.

Illness or Surgery:

Sometimes we pass through an illness or surgery which can cause short term hair loss as well. Short term hair loss can be treated more easily with right treatments.

Harmonal Problems:

Harmonal problems are caused if the thyroid gland is not workign properly. Harmonal problems can also be associated with pregnency and result in female hair loss. Hair loss can be treated easily if the reason is identified correctly. Harmonal disorders can also be treated and as a result hair loss can be stopped.

Male Pattern Hair Loss:

Male pattern hair loss is very common and it starts appearing in middle age in most people. Some people might experience receding hair lines right from their teen age. This is caused by the genetic reasons and there are hair treatments like Regaine/Rogaine which have been found successful in treated hereditary hair loss. Propecia has also been found very useful in treating male pattern baldness.

Improper Hair Care:

Improper hair care can cause damage to your hair which can be temporary or in many cases permanent. Be careful with whatever you apply on your hair because it can result in hair loss as well.

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