Vitamins For Hair Loss – Would It Work?

It is very important for us to look good, and a good lock of hair is what completes our appearance. When a person walks into a party or a wedding, they are immediately praised or commented upon based on their hair style. And this rule applies to both men and women. If the person is said to be suffering from hair loss, they might be driven to using a wig or giving the occasion a miss for fear of being ridiculed by their friends or family members. For years now, we have been normally associating hair loss and baldness with older people, but today we note there are many below the age of 30 who are facing this issue. For this category of people, they are probably not getting enough vitamins and nutrients; unhealthy eating habits and overall health issues. When a person does not take adequate amounts of Vitamin B, especially vitamins like B6 and B5, they will face sever hair fall that leads to hair loss. Another Vitamin that we need is Vitamin A, as it helps those suffering from hair loss. They must increase intake of Vitamin A rich foods, as it would lead to stimulation of hair growth.

Men face baldness right from the age of 35 and above, in most cases it is hereditary and in others it could be connected with some other ailment. A person who sees signs of balding on their crown is likely to panic and start worrying, to a point where they could go into depression. In such cases, a skin doctor or hair expert might prescribe vitamin rich pills called Inositol which must be taken on a daily basis to see visible results. For women, hair loss could be due to onset of menopause or imbalance in hormones, for which they need to take plenty of vitamins, and food rich in calcium and iron. Biotin that produces keratin is known to prevent hair loss and promote growth, it is found in wheat grains, milk and rice. Also consumption of Vegetable oils which is filled with Vitamin E is an alternative for those suffering from hairloss. Some of the other food items that contain this vitamin are nuts, soya beans, and green leafy vegetables.

If an individual were to maintain good health; physically active and get enough sleep, they will find there is no hair loss. Losing up to 100 strands per day is said to be normal, but if it goes beyond this limit, it could be an onset of balding. Proper nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle will give our body the required amount of nutrients and minerals keeping our system working like clock work. Also when a person is working under severe pressure, the stress will be visible through their hair’s condition. The same applies when a person is taking strong doses of medication or is ailing from cancer or other terminal diseases. For others, hair loss is just a hair rising issue they need to sort out.

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