What Makes a Good Hair Replacement Center?


It starts with the exterior of the building. It must be clean, attractive, and in good condition. Usually clients are more comfortable when the entry and exit is not exposed to the public.

The saying goes “You only have one chance to make a first impression”. When entering the center it should be very inviting. The first person the client sees is the receptionist and the receptionist may end up being the most important person they see and remember in the entire center. So, the front desk is where it starts. It can make or break you.

The waiting area should be private and not exposed to other clients. However, closing a door to the waiting room is not good. If the door opening is not exposed to other clients it is OK to leave it open. The best solution is to use saloon doors that allow the client to hear and see the activity of the center without being seen. You have to understand that privacy is very important to most hair replacement wearers. Having separate waiting rooms for men and women is ideal.

The consultation room should be very relaxing and not intimidating. The consultation should not be held from behind a desk but at a table, round or square. This levels the playing field and relaxes the client.

It is always a good idea, assuming the center is neat, clean and orderly to show the client your facilities and any awards, trophies and affiliations as well.

The styling rooms should have enough space to comfortably move around. The room should be private. Closing a door can create a variety of problems for stylists and clients. Once again, using saloon type doors are less claustrophobic and still retains privacy.

If the consultant or an employee is wearing a hair replacement, it is a huge plus.

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