Akoya Pearls or Saltwater Pearls?

Akoya name means saltwater in Japanese language and for decades pearl industry has been extensively selling these most lustrous pearls to the consumers and even now it commands a very decent share when it comes selling and buying pearl jewelry among pearl jewelers and consumers. Akoya pearls are the classic cultured pearls of Japan. Akoya pearls luster is intense, their nacre is thick and colors brilliant. Undoubtedly, they carry higher values than freshwater pearls.

Although Japan is the originator of producing akoya pearls, so to say, as Kokochi Mikimoto of Japan had invented and patented the bead-nucleating technology of culturally growing these pearls in the seawater. Akoya pearls are primarily cultivated in the sea salt waters off the coastal areas of Japan and China but in recent years China is producing in large quantity and their quality is exceeding remarkable. With new improved modern techniques of culturing pearls, it has become possible to harvest better quality akoya pearls. It takes about 3-5 years to grow nice quality akoya pearls and pearl farms in China and Japan constantly monitor its growth during this period in order to get good harvest as well as good quality akoya pearls.

Very small mantle tissue beads are implanted inside the Pinctada fucata martensii oysters to form beautiful akoya pearls. Akoya oyster rarely produces more than two pearls whereas freshwater oysters are nucleated to produce about fifty pearls each. Akoya pearls normally take longer time to grow and the total quantity comparatively is not very large due to variable seawater climatic conditions and oysters’ mortality.

Akoya pearls come in natural white and cream colors with natural overtones. Akoya Pearl Necklace is made with akoya pearls, which are known for their brilliant luster and nearly perfect round shapes. Akoya pearl necklace is designed and hand-knotted with very selective lustrous pearls. It takes about 40-50 pearls to make a standard pearl necklace of princess length style, which is widely worn around by all women. Akoya pearl necklace is the preferred choice for many women and adorned all over the world. Akoya pearls are very alluring and make excellent luxurious gifts.

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