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For over a quarter century, ASP has been manufacturing top quality products for the professional law enforcement community. This dedication to quality has made ASP designs the primary option of men and women who cannot afford second best.

With uncompromising character, creative concepts, and durable designs it isn’t by chance that ASP watches and other products are among the highest quality that can be purchased. No wonder that the manufacturers afford to offer a lifetime factory warranty on every product.

ASP chronometric products have a dedication to rugged, reliable designs and premium, customer first service. These are precision, performance based timepieces. Every detail of every design is ASP. Each watch is a blend of function and design. These watches are water-resistant to 20 atmospheres. Durable, yet detailed timepieces of distinction, they are as accurate as they are attractive, as rugged as they are aesthetic.

The Tactical series from ASP presents a new generation of light weight, extremely durable timepieces. Featuring Swiss movements, Tritium markers and rugged construction, this unique ASP design features a carbon fiber dial, raised numbers, unidirectional bezels and magnified date. You can see the ASP quality evident in every detail.

All these qualities have made the ASP watches an absolute requirement in the security and law enforcement communities, as well as in the armed forces, but they are also ideal for fans of sport and adventure.

If you only want to know what time is it, you don’t even need a watch these days. Having that in mind, I wouldn’t say that ASP timepieces are cheap, they are quite expensive compared with the average $20 – $30 watches one can find all over the place. But quality, character, reliability and beautiful design, all come with a price. And if it’s about an ASP watch, I would say, it’s quite a worthy price!

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