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Ever been curious about what Biagi Beads are? They are a new line of jewelry called the Carlo Biagi Bead Collection. It is a distinctive line of over 900 sterling silver jewelry pieces that were born from contemporary Italian design. It is innovative, elegant, and it flaunts a sexy European design that is sure to capture the heart of your loved one.

Italian Charm Bracelets are very similar conceptually. Both are of modular design, which allows customers to build and design their own customized bead bracelet, but the biggest difference is how much easier Biagi Beads are to remove instantly. Biagi bracelets have a new base bracelet that is made of sterling silver. This base design feature allows a customer to screw the beads on instead of trying to connect a bunch of beads or charms together. This modular screw on feature is one of the things that make Biagi so unique. It makes customization much easier on a Biagi bracelet than on a Modular LINK Base Bracelet. Creating beads that screw on and off the bracelet, allows the customer to mix and match beads or charms in a quick and efficient manner. The Italian Charm Bracelet also has an extra security designed clasp that has two snaps to make sure the bracelet is firmly attached. The first time the clasp is closed a snap will be heard, then the clasp can be squeezed a little harder for a second, louder snap to ensure the bracelet is firmly attached. This is just another feature that was added and shows the high quality that is Biagi.

Biagi Beads are made for Italian Charm bracelets. These are bracelets that are made up of a series of individual modular links hooked together to form a single Italian charm bracelet. A standard bracelet has eighteen charms attached to it. Each charm is usually unique in design to individualize the bracelet. The Italian charm craze started in Italy and it caught on like wildfire. Even famous soccer players started wearing these bracelets brandishing their country’s flag and their allegiances. In the early 90’s American tourists started catching on to the Italian Charm Bracelet craze and brought it back to the United States of America.

Some customers choose to start out with a starter bracelet. These starter bracelets contain 18 blank links that can be replaced with any customized bead or charm. The modularity of the bracelet is what allows them to be replaced to easily. Some bracelets with typical charms dangle really long. Italian charms are soldered right to the bead itself and are not dangling all over. Since Italian charm bracelets have a standard size, Biagi Beads are compatible with other main brands as well. Again, the modular design allows this to happen. An individual charm or the entire bracelet can be swapped out better suit interests, events, or even the current mood of an individual.

Italian charm bracelets can be created in a variety of styles. Italian Charms can be created to follow different themes like color, family, a career, holidays, a hobby or any combination of the previous. Various styles may include laser Italian charms, deluxe-link Italian charms, hand-painted Italian charms, authentic licensed Italian charms, photo Italian charms, and dangle Italian charms among others. Italian charms are most commonly crafted using stainless steel backing and a gold-plated or 18-karat gold charm face. The face of the charm, which features the design, is soldered or attached another way to the stainless steel link. The charm itself may feature synthetic or genuine gemstones depending on how much the customer is willing to spend.

Unodomani, a world-renowned designer of Italian charms, created Biagi Italian Bead Bracelets. The great sensation that is Italian Charm Bracelets originated in Italy. Biagi Bracelets have several distinctive features that set them apart from other various lines of modular jewelry. Biagi Beads are cross compatible with Troll, Chamilia, Pandora, and Baci. A customer would be satisfied with any of these modular jewelry lines, but Biagi is by far the most advanced. Biagi Beads are a perfect way to express individuality and interests in a beautiful and colorful manner.

These bracelets give you the freedom to create your very own Italian bead or charm bracelet by linking together charms or twisting and sliding on beads of your choice. The customer is rewarded with an individualized sleek and stylish bracelet. Removing, adding and re-arranging the charms or beads can easily change each bracelet. This makes it extremely easy to make a unique bracelet for a wedding, Christmas, birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Halloween, or any other holiday. The possibilities are limitless.

Biagi jewelry has a masterfully crafted modular design. This modularity is one of the defining elements of the Biagi Bead line. The unique process allows beads to be twisted on and off at any time. Other charm links that require the beads to all be connected and taken apart are a lot more difficult and time consuming to change. One bracelet can provide unlimited designs just by purchasing a variety of beads or charms. Anyone that loves jewelry and loves to be unique will enjoy the variety provided by Biagi Beads. A small group of beads provides enormous value by creating numerous bracelets with a small investment.

A customer can build a bracelet one bead at a time or they can select numerous Biagi beads and Biagi Charms to build a complete Biagi sterling silver bracelet all at once. Biagi sterling silver bracelets are unique, customizable, and popular. They have literally millions of unique design possibilities. Bracelets can be created uniquely to reflect a personal style, a customized look. Using sterling silver beads on a basic bracelet can create a more casual look, or it can be made more formal by adding gold beads with precious stones. It is the customers’ sole responsibility to custom designs a bracelet that suits them. Basic sets are available if a basic design is desired first.

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