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If there’s one alternative to diamonds that would be gold – and especially gold necklaces. If you are a gold jewelry aficionado necklaces are definitely the hippest. Yet if you want to get only the best gold necklaces you should start setting your standards to get the best quality you can afford.

Though gold necklaces are really head-turning it would be much more satisfying to see that what you acquired was worth all the costs you incurred. Perhaps the 18-carat gold is the most renowned type because of its durable character and its elegant beauty. But they can be made from the flimsiest 18-carat gold. If you settle to purchase a 24-carat necklace chances are you would have a problem because it is naturally soft and effortlessly bends. It needs treating with care and respect. However, gold such as 14-carat gold often has the problem that its composition is a mixture with additional metals which in effect fades its color slightly.

It is only natural that as a consumer we tend to be extremely discerning and fastidious when it come to purchasing our personal belongings, and of course it quite acceptable in respect of gold products including a gold necklace. You would want to follow some guidelines for you not to be deceived by jewelers.

Know which company is trustworthy in terms of their gold products. Make sure that what they are offering suits your needs. It’s much like buying bread in a bakery rather than in a garage. Being critical doesn’t always bear a negative connotation, because in the end your inquisitiveness will prove to have worked to your advantage.

Ask for warranties and guarantees. You are not buying a shirt that would cost you just a dollar. You are buying a gold necklace, it would more or less cost you a thousand dollars depending on the style and type of necklace you would intend to have. It is an investment so in the event that you come across a visible defect be more than certain enough to ask for their policies and procedures. For example, as money-back-guarantee.

Never ever rush. When you rush things, the chances of an effective result are lessened because you become careless and lose focus.

Gold necklaces, as previously mentioned, take into account design, but since the market is now offering a wide array of choices it lessens the problem of buyers especially those new to necklace purchasing. There are snake chain gold necklaces, Italian cable chains, Byzantine necklace and the special panther linked necklace. These are only few samples of the types of gold necklaces, yet at the end of the day it’s your choice that matters, and whether one is suitable for you.

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