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It’s an honor to own a Calvin Klein. Clothes, perfumes, colognes, jewelry, eyewear and watches- Calvin Klein leads in fashion. So if you flaunt a CK you have the edge over others.

Talking of watches this outstanding brand has utmost dedication to quality. Therefore, unlike other designer labels, Calvin Klein doesn’t get its watches from foreign manufactures, but picks up the seasoned Swiss watchmaker- the Swatch Group- to create the product. No wonder for the past 78 years the company has been ruling the luxury watch market. Calvin Klein is the brand leader in haute couture designer fashions.

The honor and glamour associated with every watch makes the brand a sizzling seller in the category of designer watches. Be it designer watches for today’s fashion savvy men or women the brand with its spectacular designs and up-to-the-minute looks is a hot favorite.

The ones that top the chart are CK Suspension ladies black leather strap watch. More a bracelet than a watch it is mystical in appeal. Sleek and creatively designed, this curvy watch features a smooth black oval dial with flawless quartz movements and has an unusual shoe-string double black leather strap for a casual, trendy look. Following closely with a high fashion rank is the Mound Ladies Watch. Designed in eccentric circles terminating to a black numberless dial, this watch with a smooth black leather strap is innovative and minimal in look filling your heart with content due to its top durability and style quotient.

A mark of intelligent technology and exceptional design is the Black Leather Strap Chronograph watch for men. This stunning chronograph is a fine example of Swiss excellence. In a durable stainless steel case, round black dial with a black leather strap it has advanced chronograph and date function. Just what you need to keep time by your side.

If you are looking for something unconventional then CK Men Stainless Steel Bracelet watch is the one. Flaunting a round grey dial and date function, this elegant design is perfect for the modern gentleman. In its simplicity it gives you comfort, advanced functions and great style.

Talking of simplicity the Simplicity Ladies Mirror Dial Strap watch breaks all barriers. In a highly polished mirror finish dial with bold numbers marked it has sapphire crystal glass protection. The smart, black patent leather strap around the watch makes it is a sure head-turner.

For opulent fashion woman is the gold-plated Dress watch. Shaped like a bangle for easy wear, this elegant watch in a square dial is just right for parties or social events to make your presence felt.

Calvin Klein watches are the choice of the leader. It is for people who believe that accessories are a reflection of their attitude and personality. Wear a Calvin Klein. Let the world know who you are.

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