Charms – How to Wear Them

As anyone who was a teenager in the 90’s will know, there are many ways in which to wear a baseball cap, yet only one ‘right’ way, the way in which will open doors to all the cool kids’ parties, and will get you the right attention. Well, some people may think that this also translates to wearing charm jewelery, although thankfully when it comes to charms there are a few more options to straight-on, sideways or backwards!

The way you wear your charm jewelery will depend on what sort of look you are going for and how focal you want your charms to be. If you are going for a surfer-chick chic look, then you may want to wear your charms in a necklace that is dangling around your navel, with a few kooky style charms clattering against each other.

If you want to go for the innocent look, then a simple angel charm would be advisable, one in which could be joined to a charm necklace or bracelet alternately; be careful though, if you sucker admirers in with a butter-wouldn’t-melt appearance, you may have to live up to it later on!

Charms can also come in more personable formats, ones which can really represent the identity and personality of the person wearing it; for example, if you are a mad animal fan, then you can buy charms that are cut in the shape of giraffes, elephant, tigers or any animal under the sun!

A charm can be a great gift for anybody who enjoys jewelery, or even for those who aren’t, as it can be a fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of necklaces and bracelets. Another positive aspect of charms are that any necklace or bracelet essentially operates as a blank canvas for the endless possibilities of charms that you can add to them; if you tire of one charm just replace it with another!

So, if you are in the market for a charm or set of charms, why not visit one of the many great websites that offer charms at very reasonable prices, with a lot of great discounts for buying online. Even if you’re unsure about a purchase, many of the charms are so cheap that even if you don’t like it, you will be able to afford a different one; so with all this information and advice, it seems that you are running out of excuses not to join the world of charms!

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