Chinese Symbols Give Special Meaning To Jewelry

Ancient China brings the modern world many symbolic rituals, healing methods, and mystical characters. Chinese symbols have become an art form that is both pleasing to the eye and replete with personal meaning. Today, we have seen an explosion of interest in the use of Chinese symbols in jewelry, as well as in pictorial art, signs, and even tattoos.

Jewelry with Chinese symbols is a way of keeping the ideas and people that mean the most to the wearer close, but still private and personal. No one but the wearer need know what the symbols represent. The jewelry can act as a continual reminder of the personal beliefs (“Journey,” “Faith,” “Fearless,” “Balance”) and people (“Forever In My Heart,” “Mother ‘n Daughter,” “Best Friend,” “Soul Mate”) that are important.

Some see Chinese symbol jewelry as an amulet that protects and provides a calming or centering effect. By keeping what matters most close to the heart they always feel grounded.

A gift of Chinese symbol jewelry, such as a Chinese symbol necklace pendant or charm, is a unique and intensely personal way to communicate a message to someone special and have that message known only to the two of you. Share your feelings, help them heal, inspire them, or celebrate them with messages such as: Endless Love, Cherish, Passion, Laugh, Courage, Forgiveness, Harmony, Mother’s Love, Never Give Up, Miracles, Free Spirit, and Prayer. And sometimes, a message can just be fun: Goddess, Kiss, Dog, and Princess.

In addition to the special meaning that Chinese characters have, they are also an elegant and exotic design all on their own. The complex, yet fluid characters create a visually captivating effect. They evoke a different culture, tradition, and time, filled with mystery.

Jewelry with Chinese symbols provides meaning beyond its inherent beauty. It inspires, comforts, and celebrates the beliefs and people that mean the most. As a gift, it is truly one-of-a-kind and a very personal offering.

Lynn Stefani is the co-founder of Sorella Jewelry Studio. Offering unique, personalized fine jewelry customized with your choice of names, words, roman numerals, and Chinese symbols, Sorella’s designs capture the joy of every special occasion in your life, making memories that will last forever. Visit Sorella Jewelry Studio at

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