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Making coin jewelry necklaces is incredibly easy to do and makes a truly unique gift and conversation starter.

To start simply select a coin that would mean something to you or someone that you are giving it to. A common coin would be a United States state quarter for either someone’s homes state, place or birth, or favorite vacation destination. For those from other countries or those with specific interests like flowers birds, cats, dogs or other wildlife there are many unique and attractive coins from other countries around the world. If you are looking for something with a little more class then gold coin jewelry can be made exactly the same way from gold coins purchased from mints either in the US or around the world. These solid Gold coins can be found in a variety of shapes and themes and some of the most popular include the Isle of Man cat series for cat lovers and the China panda series coins for panda enthusiast.

Once you have selected your coin you need to order your silver or gold bezel and mount your coin. Coin bezels can be found on a variety of places on the web and can be ordered in standard measurements. Simply measure your coin and order the appropriate sized bezel for your coin in the corresponding finish. Mounting the coin is relatively easy to do by simply loosening the bezel by turning the small screw on top with a screwdriver. You then insert the coin making sure the pendant will be straight on your necklace and then tightening back up the screw to make sure the coin is secure. Once you have polished the coin the last step is to find a gold or silver chain that will go well with your coin pendant and slide your pendant on.

The coin necklace will be the center of many conversations and a will be a much appreciated gift for others. An extra touch If you give it as a gift is to include a small card to explain the country or origin and minting date of the coin so that they can tell others about their unique gift. With so many different coins in circulation today the possibilities are truly endless. So have fun experimenting for yourself and others with this simple way to make great jewelry.

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