Colored Diamonds! Which Are The Most Popular Colored Diamonds?


Anything that is extremely rare is also expensive and diamonds are such valued and rare gemstones. Today, only 50% of diamonds that are mined can be judged for quality and very few can be polished. Even though technology has become very sophisticated, it is difficult to recover the small amount of gem quality. Almost everyone wants to own a diamond. This gem is so attractive and unique that males and females just love it. The diamond is not only precious and beautiful, but it is also available in various colors. Even though you will be purchasing diamonds based on your personal choice and interest, you need to know that there are some categories of gems, which have some relation to colors. Some such categories consist of the most expensive, most popular and rare diamond colors. As a buyer you should be aware of this factor if you want to get what you desire.

Diamond colors-the most popular type:

Diamonds are available in many colors. This has got nothing to do with the diamond color grading, but the real colors of this stone, which customers purchase. Colorless or white can be by far considered to be the most popular. In the case of stones that are available in other colors besides white, the gems are unique and are referred to as fancy diamonds. The fancy version consists of beautiful colors like yellow, pink, green and purple. There are many buyers who favor colors like yellow and pink the most, even though other colors are also very popular among diamond lovers.

Diamond colors-most expensive:

Cost of the fancy colored stones is a bit higher as compared to its colorless counterparts. This is because of various reasons. As far as obtaining these gems are concerned, availability and uniqueness are two most important factors due to which fancy stones are high priced. There can be variations in the price based on the place from where the stone is obtained and the color. Pink is considered to be one of the most expensive colors. There are various subcategories under each category of color and these are ranged based on the variety of color like regular, light, vivid and intense. The light colored stone will be not very expensive.

Diamond colors-the rarest:

When you take the process into consideration, it is very difficult to obtain a fancy colored diamond in comparison to the regular white or colorless gems. Due to this it has become very popular because people desire to own the pink gems instead of the colorless diamonds. If you want to know the rarest diamond color, then the pink version is the most difficult to obtain and the most expensive. There are some red diamonds in existence as well that have a higher price per carat but they are not available in the markets today.

Diamond color selection:

If you are determined on buying a fancy colored diamond and not a white one then make sure that you keep certain things in mind. You need to have a price range in mind so that your decision becomes easy. Try and read something about colored stones so that you have a basic idea. Your options should always be open so that you make the right choice without any compromise.

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