Exciting New Czech Lampwork Glass Beads Designs Come Shining Through

Czech glass beads have been around for centuries, evolving in designs and techniques to create mini works of art in glass. The changes in designs seems to come in waves, often connected with social change. The current new batch of designs is no exception with the opening up of the Czech Republic..

I have been working with the delicious Czech lampwork beads for years now to design my own lampwork beaded jewelry and have watched how their designs have evolved, especially since the liberation from communist rule.

When I first started importing Czech glass beads for my business I would find cultural differences confusing. I would order pink beads and be sent blue beads. So I’d call up (overseas call) and say I got the wrong ones and they would say “oh, do not worry about it, you got blue beads. We’re not making pink ones at the moment… yes, yes, we have a back log of orders for pink beads but we’re making blue.” I would be stunned but I slowly figured out that it was a hang over from the communist era and that I had to make do. It did teach me to be more creative in some ways and a little less fixed, to be more flexible.

Now the next generation is involved and they have western educations. So when I order my beads I get what I asked for and they are venturing into new designs that are taking on their traditional competitors head on – the Venetians!

I love it. To me competition is a good thing and I have been in love with the Czech glass for years. Being a loyal creature I am sticking to the Czechs so their new gold leaf work is wonderful. To be a little on the cheeky side I have called the new range of earrings using the Venetian styled gold foil “Tuscany Vineyards” but that probably says more about me enjoying a bit of a laugh than anything else.

Traditionally the Czechs have worked in silver foil and the Venetians in gold foil so this adventurous move by the Czechs harks back to the competitive time of the 1880’s – 1930’s before it was crushed by the tortures of WW2 and the communist era. I love the rejuvenation of the Czech Republic and the traditional encased lampwork beads skills!

So the Czechs are back into full swing with creating handmade lampwork beads, lampwork focal beads, lampwork collectable beads, and all being used to create must have lampwork glass jewelry by artisans all over the world.

It is all to the benefits of all us women who love colorful jewelry – whether we make the designs or just love to wear them. For me I love the quality of the Czech glass and crystal, it is strong, resilient, clear with great clarity and colorful. All the benefits of having European competition for centuries.

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