Four Good Reasons to Get an Automatic Watch Winder


In recent years, automatic watches, also known as self-winding or kinetic watches, have enjoyed resurgence in popularity. Many of these watches are more than timepieces – they are beautiful personal accessories that are fun to wear and provide the practical function of keeping time. Automatic watches are only self-winding when they are being worn however, which has seen the rise of watch winder devices to keep the watches wound up. If you are the owner of one or more automatic watches, this article presents four good reasons to consider getting a watchwinder.

Keeps Your Watch Wound Up

The most obvious use for watch winders is to help keep your automatic watch wound up when you are not wearing it. This is good for watches that you do not wear often enough to keep wound up by the movement of your wrist. If you are not wearing your watch, it is not being wound up, and will eventually stop running after some time. When the watch runs down after a few days, or even hours in some cases, you will not only have to reset the time but also any perpetual dates or phases the next time you wear your watch.

Protects internal lubricants

Watch winders keep the lubricants inside the watch from drying out or congealing which will reduce the accuracy and lifetime of the watch. One of the worst things you can do to your watch is to keep it dormant and not wound up. A device that winds watches automatically will solve the problem of infrequent use by keeping your watch wound up and the lubricant fresh at all times.

Provides Safe Storage for Your Watches

Watch winders keep your watches stored in a safe place. Many self winding watches are expensive pieces that represent a considerable investment to be protected. You don’t have to keep your expensive watches out in the elements where they can be inadvertently dropped, misplaced, or damaged in some way. A watchwinder box serves as great storage unit for protecting your watches from accidental loss or damage as well as from the effects of sunlight, dust and other particulate in the air.

Makes a Fine Jewelry Box

In addition to providing protection, automatic watch winders double as jewelry boxes for displaying your watches in fine style. Don’t keep your watch hidden away where it can’t be seen. Watch winders provide a lovely showcase for your beautiful watches and keep them wound up at the same time.

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