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People in love often give gifts to their loved ones to compliment and show that they do care for each other and pearl jewelry has always been one of the attractive gifts.

Freshwater pearl jewelry is now available in high lustrous quality and at much affordable prices than ever before. Freshwater pearl jewelry is designed with pearls that are grown from freshwater mussels in bays, lakes and rivers. Freshwater pearls are largely produced in China now, but some pearls come from Japan, United States and other parts of the world. Pearls are formed inside the body of oysters. The mollusk deposits layer of nacre, a combination of crystalline and organic substances, when any irritant or parasite enters or placed inside its body. Over a period of time with nacre building up in layers upon layers, the cultured pearl is formed. Interestingly, a single mussel can produce up to 40-50 pearl beads. It takes about 2-3 years to grow freshwater pearls but quality of pearls is more important than the quantity.

Although white color is very traditional and classic in freshwater pearl jewelry but freshwater pearl jewelry do come in various other natural shades link cream, rose overtones, gray, pink, peacock black, golden and lavender etc. Freshwater pearl jewelry can be worn with all kinds of dresses – from casual to parties. Freshwater pearls have been the most sought after gems because of their natural beauty and brilliant lustrous appeal. Freshwater pearl jewelry is much cheaper than diamond and gold jewelry and very affordable.

Freshwater pearl jewelry is a preferred choice for many women. Although white color is classic and traditional but wide array of colors available now, one can choose to go with any style and matching colors and they are now available in different price range as well. Buying jewelry for self or for loved ones, freshwater pearl jewelry will surely fit into any budget.

Not only celebrities adore pearl jewelry but also now it’s very common among women to wear pearl jewelry at many workplaces. Working moms or young girls wear pearl jewelry with many styles of outfits. Pearl jewelry surely is a perfect choice for brides or for weddings as it can compliment any style of gowns. If diamonds are forever, pearls are timeless fashion statement and pearl jewelry is becoming more popular now among all women.

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