Garnet – For Lovers of Gemstones

Are you dying to own that beautiful, deep-red gemstone in the display window? If you are fond of garnet – more popular as a January birthstone – then you are a true lover of gems. Garnet is one of the most admired among many gemstones because of its rich color. Garnet, particularly the red garnet, was even known as carbuncle stone in the Middle Ages.

Most of the world’s supply of garnet comes from South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Arizona in the United States, Myanmar in Burma, Scotland, Switzerland and Tanzania. Garnets are commonly found to be of red color and people assume that garnets are all red. Few people know they also exist in other shades of color including yellow, orange and green. Some garnets like star garnet exhibit rare characteristics changing colors when seen in daylight or artificial light. The rarest garnet is the blue garnet discovered in Madagascar. Its color changes from blue-green in daylight to purple in artificial light. This rare property of blue garnet is caused by the presence of high amount of vanadium. There are other garnets that change color depending on the light condition.

Aside from its color, garnet is also admired for its hardness reaching 7 to 7.5 on Moh’s scale. Another quality that makes garnet stand-out from among other gemstones is its shape. Garnet takes the usual form of a rhombic dodecahedron – a twelve-side crystal with diamond-shaped faces. This is the shape by which garnets are known. Its refractive index is very high contributing the crystal’s brilliancy.

Lovers of garnet will know that they own and wear a precious and coveted gemstone which will be always admired.

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