Here’s What’s So Great About Swiss Army Watches


Most people have heard about Swiss Army knives and know of their convenience. What may be less known – but just as useful – are Swiss Army watches. The knife gives you all the tools you could want when it comes to cutting, boring, and puncturing. The watch can give you all the different tools for keeping yourself organized, measuring times and speeds, and giving you enough logistical information to go about your day.

The watch is a ‘Swiss Army’ product because of the many different tools the watch face has. The band or aesthetic design of the watch is more subject to tastes and will not affect its usefulness. Men and women can, therefore, have multi-purpose watches that could survive the harshest environments, but have it still look appropriate for any formal event. The styles range from heavy-duty leather to small and delicate platinum bands. There are even pocket watches available with all the Swiss Army convenience.

Though there are myriad options to choose from, the watches do not come in digital form. That said, there are many conveniences that most analog watches do not have. This innovation of combining useful features from a digital watch – like the date of the month and a chronograph, or stop watch- are bringing watch-wearers back to the analog format.

The watches are usually waterproof and are designed to withstand a great deal of impact. This will make them much more durable than normal watches, especially for the adventurous type of wearer. You can easily swim while still wearing your watch. They usually have a diving range of a few hundred feet, so just be sure you know the range before you do any deep-sea diving. The face can light up, which few analog watches do. The strength of the light can be determined by your preferences. Some are extremely bright, while others are softer.

The preferred design is to have the back be made of a transparent crystal, just like the face of the watch. This makes things a great deal easier when it comes to repairs. One may be able to spot the issue before the watch is even opened. They use crystal because it is harder to scratch than glass. This is also why stainless steel is a favorite material above silver and gold – it resists dents and scratches.

Having an alarm was another benefit of digital watches over analog. Now alarms are available on these watches. The alarm is a huge convenience, which is why so many people have stopped wearing watches and started using their cell phones as a watch and alarm clock. This new design may bring back some business to the watch world.

Those who travel a great deal or do business with cities in different times zones may find the next feature to be extremely useful. Swiss Army watches can have up to three smaller watch faces on the main one. They will show the current times in different zones and can be set to your specifications. It is far easier than trying to remember how many hours’ difference there is and doing quick math.

Those who are very active may also enjoy the Tachymeter Scale, which tracks speed and is different than a spot watch. It is great to use at the gym or in your travels. Make sure to ask for all the possible options available for Swiss Army watches at your local jewelry store to ensure you get the best possible man’s sport watch for you.

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