How to Properly Care for your Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you are a lover of sterling silver jewelry, you will agree that keeping it clean and well taken care of is a must in order for it too look its best. On the order hand, not taking care of your silver jewelry can make it look dull and dirty. This article will discuss a few basic pointers that will help you keep your silver jewelry looking like the first time you wore it. Let’s begin.

First, use the right cloth. Always use a 100% cotton cloth to gently rub the piece without scratching it. Always be extra careful and gentle, and never use other type of cloth. In order to clean more intricate parts of the jewelry, you may use a soft bristle.

Never use baking soda or toothpaste to clean your sterling silver jewelry. Although you will find some controversy in this topic, we do not recommend it. There are many other products specially designed to give silver its maximum shine without hurting it. You can find an effective silver paste cleaner or polish spray at any store that sells jewelry. Be careful with these cleaners if your silver jewelry has gemstones, as they could get damaged. If you are not familiar with the product that you are purchasing to clean your jewelry, contact a local, trusted jeweler and they will be able to help you out. The jeweler could also give you good advice on how to clean and maintain your sterling silver jewelry properly based on your specific piece.

If you are looking to simply remove light fingerprints or some dirt from the piece, you could use a mild liquid detergent and warm water. Always remember to treat the piece with care. Rinse and dry before storing the jewelry away.

Store the jewelry away from moisture. If you are not going to wear the piece for a long time, use small zip lock bags to keep it sealed and dry. If you are going to go into a pool or are going to be out in the sun for a while, it is not recommended to wear your silver jewelry. Exposure to the humidity and the sun could cause it to tarnish quicker, and so will the chemicals inside a pool.

Silver can be easily scratched. Be careful where and how you store it. Don’t keep it in places where it would rub against other pieces of jewelry or any other hard surfaces. Scratched jewelry looses its shine, beauty and value.

Last but not least, wear your jewelry! Your body oils will help prevent tarnish and you won’t even have to clean it as often. You silver jewelry will benefit from you showing it off with affection!

Silver Jewelry can look amazing if taken care of right and wore with the right accessories. Use these helpful tips to maintain your sterling silver jewelry looking amazing for a lifetime!

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