Jewelry Secrets Every Woman Should Know


Women love to look good, and an important part of style is choosing the right accessories. Not only that, but the way that you wear them will also have an impact on your entire appearance. If you want to get the most out of your jewelry collection, take note of the following jewelry secrets that are sure to please:

Teardrop earrings are flattering to every face shape. Whether you have a round, oval or other face shape, the design of a teardrop will be a nice compliment. It can often be difficult to find a style that fits the shape of a face perfectly, but a teardrop design is a smart pick every time.

Elongated rings can make your fingers look longer. If you have shorter fingers or simply want to give the illusion of an elongated hand, you can achieve the look simply by the ring that you choose to wear. A ring that’s longer (from knuckle to knuckle) than it is wide (from side to side) will make your fingers appear as though they have lengthened in an instant. Many women desire the look of a graceful hand, and it’s easy to achieve with this single effort.

You can shorten the length of a rolo necklace simply by hooking the clasp into another link in the design. If you currently own an 18″, 20″ or longer rolo necklace, you can instantly turn it into a 16″ or 17″ simply by placing the clasp in a different link. Instead of clasping your necklace into the standard clasp, it’s easy to adjust it by changing where you fasten the spring-ring or lobster claw.

Most gemstones can be cleaned with soap and warm water. Unless they are treated with oils, such as emerald, cleaning with warm soapy water is the perfect way to care for your gemstones. If you want to give your sterling silver a quick boost, simply use a jewelry polishing cloth for an instant shine.

Consider the thickness of a jewelry item when choosing a size. If a ring or bracelet has a hefty gram weight or is especially wide, consider moving up one size to allow for comfort. Heavier links may result in a closer fit, which makes going up to the next largest size a good idea in some cases.

You can easily convert a pin with a vertical pin-back into a pendant by simply threading your necklace through the closed pin-back. If you’re looking for other ways to wear your pin, consider adding it to the shoulder of your favorite sweater, the front of your purse or at the base of the strap or even on your favorite hat.

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