Magnetic Jewellery – Fashionable Items That Keep You Pain Free


If you have been watching the news, or browsing the web lately, you will most likely have seen reports or advertising about magnetic jewellery, such as magnetic stainless steel bracelets or hematite anklet. Not only do they look attractive and stylish, magnetic jewellery is said to have mystical healing powers as well! Yes, you’ve probably seen claims that wearing them can heal arthritis, rheumatism and relieve pain and tension in the body.

While I have yet to come across a major modern scientific study supporting these claims, research show that ancient medical texts have actually written about the health benefits of magnetic jewellery. Even more recently, with so many individuals ready to vouch that a magnetic item like a copper bracelet literally “changed their lives” and gave them back a part of the health, it is at least worth a try to see if one can get any sort of pain relief or health benefit. The worse that could happen if the health benefits do not materialize is that you end up wearing a trendy looking jewellery piece.

So how do these magnetic jewellery or magnetic therapy work? Well they are based on alternate medicinal beliefs in that the magnetic properties of these items along with the conductibility of the metal used to make them allow your energy to focus and flow, basically turning your body into an even flowing energy conductor, giving you the balance and constant energy flow that is crucial to a hectic lifestyle. In ancient Egypt, a magnetic material like copper was used to cure headaches and even burns and itching.

Many average people have also experienced the healing properties of wearing jewellery like a copper bracelet and would not go back to life without one. They said they felt reenergized and reborn. They say they feel like wherever the go and whatever they do in life, they know they will have the positive forces needed to face anything that gets thrown at them.

Not only do these jewellery pieces heal your bodies’ energy forces, but they are also very in style today and very trendy. They come in a variety of colors and designs to suit whatever it is you want in order to match your own personal wardrobe style and scene.

Magnetic jewellery is quite affordable, most costing less then $200 a piece. They are so affordable that many consumers have bought multiple pieces like copper cuffs or bracelets for their friends and families so that they too can discover the benefits of these bracelets and keep them pain free.

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