Onyx – History and Attributes

Onyx gemstone is said to keep apart many things in this world. Based on the testimonies of so many people, onyx can free you from negative feelings like grief and disappointments in life. It is often used to stop all the weariness, unhappiness and troubles in relationship with your family and love ones. On the other hand, onyx defends a person against evilness. Jewelries made from onyx if worn can protect the wearers adversely to antagonistic behavior straightly knocked towards them. Black stones are believed to have defensive strengths because black color means without light, and that is why it is useful for building up obscurity. Thus, onyx gemstone can strengthen your self confidence and enhanced your sense of responsiveness. Wearing it can make your senses sharp and promotes the healthy self centeredness of the body.

Black color is regarded by some jewelers as “magic”. In fashion impression, somebody would look glamorous and fresher if she or he is wearing a black dress. When it comes to jewelry and other accessories designs, any colors seem brisk and nippy if placed with black backdrop. Color integration between white and black is a good match if fashion, styles and designs are concerned. Looking for the highest quality jewelries, deep background is always made up of fined-texture onyx. Other designs made from onyx shows white combination of ribbons and bands.

If you’re going to read its history, onyx came from early Romans and Greeks. The literal word “onyx” is very popular to Greeks which means claw or nail. The story of Cupid and Venus is the proof of this reality. While Venus is sleeping, Cupid split his fingernail with his arrow, leaving the clippings to sprinkle on the ground until destiny made them into stones. Cupid’s purpose is to make everything last forever. You might not believe with this because black color is not actually connected with our fingernails. However, during the time of early Greeks, all fingernail colors starting from white, off-white, light brown, dark brown to black are called onyx. It was just recently that Romans adapted the separation of black to other colors.

On the contrary, white and reddish brown onyx is called as sardonyx. This is the most expensive stone in Rome particularly in seals. It was tested and proven during that time that sardonyx never stick with any kind of wax. Even the famous Roman General in Rome wears this gemstone, believing that it is powerful in his daily dealings.

Black onyx naturally gives a lustrous shimmer when made as a background for any color combination. Its superior textures and flawless surfaces enable the hands of the cutter to ideally carve the stone, making it as the most preferred element in engraves and lapidaries production. Some designer would use carved onyx to be thread with white materials providing a dark flash of color. Rubies are perfect if match with cut rock crystals of onyx especially if it is intended for decoration and art designs. Onyx is also widely known to jewelry making used of marcasite minerals. Indeed, if you’re looking for a shade of black magic towards your jewelry lifestyle, try to put higher priority on onyx gemstone.

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