Paw Print Jewelry Makes a Purrfect Choice for Pet Parents

The Humane Society estimates that approximately 73 million dogs have a home in the United States. When it comes to their pooch, dog lovers spare no expense in caring for their pet or showcasing their love for man’s best friend. But don’t let that title fool you; a dog can just as easily be a woman’s best friend and that’s why ladies love to adorn themselves with pet lovers jewelry.

At Almost Diamonds, a popular online web site dedicated to cubic zirconia and sterling silver jewelry, proud pet owners will have a ruff time deciding which beautiful piece of jewelry to purchase. One of the most customizable choices is that of the engraveable heart pendants featuring a paw print and cubic zirconia birthstone for each of the 12 calendar months, which could be purchased in honor of the birthdate for either the pet owner or the pet itself. The backside of the pendant is highly polished in sterling silver, which makes it ideal for engraving. Possible choices include your name, your pet’s name, birthdate or the date of adoption (if applicable).

Speaking of paw print jewelry, Almost Diamonds also offers a 1″ round charm with paw print cubic zirconia cutout. This disc-style pendant is highly polished on the outside, which draws even more attention to the center design of a paw print. A 65mm paw prints cubic zirconia eternity ring is also available for the pet lover who wishes to combine their love of animals with a stylish ring. For years, the eternity band rings have remained popular in the world of jewelry. Combined with the unique design of paw prints done in sparkling white cubic zirconia, this ring is sure to please.

If you are a dog lover, then a pendant featuring your pet’s favorite pastime is perfect. Most dogs love to chew, bury and may even be willing to fetch a bone. Almost Diamonds offers a 1.5″ x 1″ cubic zirconia dog bone outline pendant done in a horizontal design. If you love hearts or just want to show your love of animals, the 21mm hollow back heart pendant with a cubic zirconia dog bone design in the center will be a wonderful choice. If you prefer the channel set design, a dog bone charm with channel set cubic zirconia is also available.

Paw print jewelry will work equally well for both dog and cat lovers, but designs featuring a dog bone would obviously be more suited for the k-9 owner. If you own a boxer or particularly like the breed, Almost Diamonds offers a vermeil, a process by which gold is layered over sterling silver, enamel boxer dog charm with cubic zirconia collar.

When it comes to jewelry trends, nothing is more popular than celebrating something that is close to your heart. If you are like most pet lovers, you hold a special place for the furriest member of your family and, in many cases, will enjoy celebrating it through the beauty that only jewelry can offer. When someone sees you wearing a pet-friendly pendant or ring, they will instantly know that you love animals. If you were to ask the majority of female pet owners, they would likely tell you that there is nothing more perfect than showcasing their love of a cat or dog through modern trends in cubic zirconia jewelry.

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