Pearls As A Gift – Bracelets

Pearls have always been classic, eternal in their sheen and beauty, and considered to be priceless gems. They seem to impart to a woman wearing them the same elegance and grace they posses. This is why pearls are such a perfect gift for women. They last for generations.

How Pearls are formed

Pearls could either be natural or cultured. They are formed in oysters or mollusks, either from fresh or salt waters. Natural pearls are formed when mollusks or oysters come in contact with irritants and nacre is deposited around these irritants. Over time the irritant is enclosed in a substance that hardens and thus becomes the pearl. Cultured pearls are grown artificially by depositing an irritant, like beads to the shell. The natural pearls are harder to find, thus are more costly than cultured ones.

Pearls as Gifts

There are all sorts of pearl jewelry, necklaces, anklets, earrings, and of course, bracelets. The natural and timeless beauty of these pearls makes them perfect for jewelry.

Who wouldn’t love a black Tahitian pearl bracelet? These pearls are the on-going trend. If you’re daughter is getting married, wouldn’t an Akoya pearl necklace and earrings look perfect on her?
Pearl jewelry can be bought on a local jewelry store or on an online auction or online jewelry store. You just have to make sure that you have done your research before actually buying a pearl bracelet, especially online. Make sure that the store you are considering buying your pearls from is completely legitimate. Check for their address or telephone number. Study the products and details. Does this online store have a return policy or money back guarantee? It is best to find a store which has a 30-day refund policy. Examine the site and look for an independent laboratory report if it is available. A GIA certificate would be your best assurance that their pearls are genuine.

Before buying, check out all what is available for sale. Check the designs and the details that go with each item. Pearl bracelet designs come in many varieties. You just have to choose which suits you best.
There are bracelets that are combined with clasps and chains to appear trendier. There could be strands with different colors combined together to form something interesting. Pearls could be combined with gold beads, silver, gems, diamonds or crystals to make an otherwise simple string of pearls more valuable and beautiful. Charms could also be hanged from pearl bracelets to give them more fun and appeal.

When looking at the pearls details, check for the size, nacre thickness (if available), color, texture, luster, shape and knots between the pearls. Pearls are measured by carats or millimeters in size (natural and cultured respectively) and are sold by carat weight. Check the weight and thickness of the shape in this manner.

After checking all the details, including the legality of the online store, only then could you buy your pearls. Pamper yourself or make your loved one really happy. Buy yourself or your loved one a bracelet that is timeless in beauty and elegance.

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