Silver Jewelry – Tarnishes With Age

Silver jewelry looks great, especially if worn with the right combination of colors and textures. However, silver needs care in its use and consideration in its purchase.

While a polished silver necklace is of a bright whitish color, the metal silver tarnishes quite easily. As time passes, your silver jewelry turns dark in color. You have to constantly polish your silver jewelry to keep it shiny and white. But amazingly, some silver jewelry piece look much better as it tarnishes. For some silver jewelry that has intricate designs, the etched part tarnishes first, and somehow the tarnishing helps it in showing the design beautifully.

Therefore, it is advisable that if your silver necklaces and other jewelry items have intricate etches and engravings, just allow them to slightly tarnish. You may polish your silver lightly but only on the surface. The obvious contrast between the shiny whitish surface and the tarnished black insides of etches will give your silver necklace or jewelry a lot more character.

Definitely, silver is a very interesting metal to make quality jewelry. Because of its rather inexpensive price, silver is used often to set many semi-precious pieces and stones and create lots of exciting designs. Most good-quality silver necklaces and items are available in jewelry shops. Just make sure that the shop that you go to is an authority when it comes to selling silver necklaces and other silver jewelry.

Choosing a silver piece that will be enhanced with age will ensure you are not disappointed in years to come.

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