The Beauty of White Gold Vintage Rings


Since 1920, the era of Art Deco, white gold vintage rings gained popularity. For the people who could not afford the precious metal, it has become the best alternate for the pricey platinum rings. Ever since then white gold has gained popularity in tons. This is what makes the white gold vintage rings eye-catching. Decades old jewelry articles having historical value, can be owned, and still looks totally in style, and appears as a completely unique ring; at the same time.

What Exactly is White Gold?

Since gold has been combined with other white metals the White Gold Vintage Rings are white in color. Nickel and palladium are the most commonly used metals for this purpose. The ring becomes hard and strong due to the use of nickel, on the other hand palladium makes the ring bit softer when it is set with gem stone. As nickel is cheaper it is used quite often. Nevertheless, palladium has gained the popularity as about 13% of the population is allergenic to nickel in modern jewelry trend.

How Much Gold Do You Really Have?

Pure gold is 24k gold and in many cases to soft to use in jewelry. The more common alloys include 22k, 18k, 14k, and 10k gold. Although the alloys contain various metals other than gold you can find the amount of gold by dividing the carat rating by 24. For instance 18k (18/24 =.75) is 75% gold and 10k (10/28 =.42) is 42% gold.

What Are the Eras About

The above paragraphs reveal that white gold had not achieved popularity before 1920s. This, on the other hand, does not state that white gold vintage rings did not exist before this era; it just tells you that they are slightly difficult to discover. If you put in trivial efforts you would be able to find a decent collection of rings in the Victorian Era of the year 1837. After that, you can discover them in the Edwardian and Art Nouveau before things really started getting better from the era of Art Deco to the era of Retro.

The Victorian Era lasted for a considerable 60 years, that is, from 1837 to 1901, and can be divided into three epochs namely- the Romantic, the Grand and the Aesthetic. This offers an array of different styles and even though white gold did not gain much of popularity back then, white gold vintage rings were still in fashion.

The Edwardian Era from 1901 to 1910 was short and provided rings with a light and lacy look to match the clothing style. Art Nouveau the vintage rings will include natural styles mimicking flowers and insects while the Art Deco style is based more on geometry and symmetry giving a more streamlined look.

As the Retro Era is the current, white gold vintage rings are in great demand. As the World War II was citing a reason for all the precious metals to reach higher price values, diamonds were also falling out of fashion. This made way for rings with large colorful gems and also a style which was, although unintentionally, heavy with metal.

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