The Cross As Jewelry


The sacrifices of Christ is well represented by a cross. It is known to be the most holy symbol in the Christian world. Crucifixion is like capital punishment today. Since religious Christians strongly believe that Christ is their savior and the son of God, they regard the cross as penitence and owning one is a symbol of repentance and divine protection. This is how the idea of Christian jewelry crosses came about. Today, there are even many varieties one can choose from.

Christian jewelry crosses have been popularly used by the monarchs since the middle ages. Most European monarchies are closely in touch with the Holy See and it is important for them to be well acquainted with religion as it is their symbol of power to assume the throne. One example was the tri-generation of women who had strong beliefs in the Christian faith and they were led by Queen Regnant of Spain. Isabella of Castile kept her cross in the war she waged against the Muslims of Spain and offered the same cross to her daughter, Katherine of Aragon, as protection. When Katherine died, it was found in her last testament that the cross given to her by her mother should be given to her only daughter, then Mary I of England, to guide her and to serve as a symbol of the true religion.

There are many accounts about the significance of the cross which was often given as a gift in early times, especially to the church patriarch and when courting women. Aside from guidance and protection, a cross is also said to symbolize love and affection and is sometimes seen as a form of peace offering. Today, it is regarded as an icon of the Christian faith and possessing it gives one pride and honor.

Christian jewelry crosses today come in a variety of designs but what defines each type has a lot to do with the country where it is created. Some are also ordered with certain specifications, particularly regarding the material to be used. The simplest ones are made of gold or silver while others are decorated with precious gems. Those with more gems are naturally more expensive than the others.

People will always have a choice of what jewelry they want to wear, but for those who want jewelry that also serves as a guiding light and protection, there’s surely nothing that can beat a cross.

Confused as to what gift to give your loved one? Jewelry can be a great idea both for men and women, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, these days, it’s easy to find online those beautiful yet cheap bracelets [], necklaces and what have you. Christian jewelry [] is also perfect for all types of occasions. Whatever you give, the fact that it comes from the heart will make that present as precious as it can be.

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