The Engagement Ring

The engagement ring symbolizes a commitment between two individuals who have professed undying love and devotion for each other. Many couples observe this tradition of the man giving an engagement ring to the woman before they marry. It is one type of tradition that is rooted as far back as the ancient Roman times when a betrothal ring, then called a Truth Ring, was worn by couples on their left hand. A truth ring, one shaped in a circle, has neither an ending nor a beginning. It also has the same shape as the sun or the moon, the source of life and light. No wonder ancient people have chosen to make this the symbol of unity and everlasting love. During the Middle Ages, the truth ring was later called a bond ring and for those who can truly afford, the diamond was the ultimate symbolic bond ring.

A diamond stone is believed to be the hardest of all minerals, the perfect symbol to a union that must remain unbroken until death. It is also a priceless piece of jewelry. And in these times, a diamond engagement ring may just be one of the most expensive items you will own in your lifetime, following your house and your car.

Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring depends on your taste and also some familiarity to diamond jewelry. The difference of a great cut and a good cut may not be easily determined by an untrained eye but the perfect diamond makes a really big difference in terms of its beauty and most of all, its value.

But, an engagement ring can be made from whatever material is most appropriate to you as a couple. Engagement rings can contain both diamonds and other gemstones – this can look attractive and reduce the cost. The cost will vary and there should be no problem choosing a ring that is both suitable and affordable. The most important thing is that you see the ring as a strong and everlasting symbol of your commitments.

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