The Language of Beauty

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are forever. Diamonds are the supreme gift of love….From time immemorial diamonds have been associated with love, power, mystical and healing powers. At the same time they also have been shrouded in myths and beliefs. Diamonds have a great number of superstitions attached to them, but apparently it is believed that even Cleopatra was superstitious about this particular stone.

Diamonds, made from carbon are a kind of rock, formed millions of years ago. Diamond is derived from the Greek word ‘adamastos’ meaning “unrelenting and unconquerable.” King Louis IX of France valued diamonds so high that he established a law reserving diamonds for the king alone. Always diamonds have been a step ahead of other gems.

Cut is the key to a diamond. It was during the16th century that diamonds were first cut and polished, thus flaunting it’s brilliance and fire. Jewllery experts and gemologists advice four Cs, to be borne in mind while buying diamonds- the carat weight, colour, clarity and cut. Beauty of a diamond primarily depends on the cut, because this unlocks the brilliant sparkle and fire, which the diamond holds.

It is known to a few that diamonds actually occur in different colours- deep red and blue. These diamonds are however very rare. Some of the world’s greatest diamonds have originated in India like the much-celebrated Kohinoor, Great Mogul and Orlov.

The Kohinoor was finally bought by Britain in 1849 after it changed hands a couple of times. Before it was recut in 1852 it weighed 191 carats and now weighs 108 carats. The Great Mogul was found in 1650 and weighed 280 carats. Its whereabouts however are unknown. The Orlov, was supposedly stolen from an Indian temple where it formed one of the eyes of an idol. It weighed nearly 200 carats. It was eventually bought by Russian Court and now adorns the Kremlin treasures.

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