Types and Varieties Of Rings

Nowadays, aside from gold and silver, you may have heard of platinum and titanium rings. Supposedly more durable and needing less care in terms of maintenance, these rings are fast becoming popular. They are also more lightweight and hypo-allergenic which is a relief for those who are restricted from wearing either gold or silver because of skin reactions. Having new types of materials gives these people a new avenue to explore in jewelry.

Aside from the gold and silver and now titanium and platinum, rings can also be made of thread, plastic, ceramic, wood, bone and glass. You can practically wear any ring imaginable.

Rings are a great symbol to commemorate special events and occasions. At the forefront are the rings for wedding and engagement, which are usually inlaid with a diamond, the size of which is dependent on your financial capacity and personal choice. It is used to symbolize the couple’s strong commitment and undying love to each other. Even graduating from a university can also be celebrated with a class ring. Nuns and priests joining in the service of their religious order also get their own rings.

In modern fashion, there is a new trend of celebrating your single-ship with the “single ring”, as opposed to being committed. It shows that you’re single, available and looking for a partner.

Other rings like the mood ring (a ring that changes in color depending on the mood you’re in), the birthstone ring (a ring set with a corresponding gem of the month you were born), the mothers’ ring (a ring inlaid with her children’s birthstones) are also common.

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