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Okay, so we know that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is gorgeous no matter what jewelry she wears. In fact she could probably dangle a pair of old sneakers from her ears and get away with it. but we’re willing to bet that that’s because she knows how to make those tennis treads look their best, and not the other way around. Keep a few simple tips in mind and we’ll double our bet that you can make the most of your jewelry too.

1. Settle on a Hairstyle

Have you ever seen Eva unclip an elegant updo mid-red carpet? Or swoop her locks into a ponytail halfway through a Spurs game? Neither have we. Nor do we expect to anytime soon, due to a fact that the rest of us fidgety, hair band-toting ladies seem to have forgotten: To settle on a hairstyle before you leave the house means that not only will your hair-free hands convey confidence and allow you to hold a cocktail or two, you will also have the advantage of choosing jewelry for that hairstyle in front of a mirror. While we’re at it, may we suggest that when your hair is down, feel free to wear something a little more shiny and showy, so that it is not lost underneath the tresses. On the other hand, err on the simpler side when your ears and neckline are exposed. Too much bling will take away from the real gem (you).

2. If Going Big, Go Beautiful

Eva’s prominent cheekbones and oval face shape combine to create negative space along her chinbone where long dangles and big hoops can hang free. Here, bigger earrings lend length to her face (where shorter ones would have the opposite effect), but there is a risk in that any large piece of jewelry inevitably draws a lot of attention. Thus, we doubt that Eva ever just throws any old earrings in and goes. Rather, the earrings she chooses have three things in common: they are confident, graceful and of earthy stones like chalcedony and citrine…characteristics that many would also attribute to Eva herself. This combination results in accessories that complement, not overwhelm, the face they hang from.

3. Simple Can Be Striking

Recently, Eva was photographed wearing a large Green Quartz and layered gold chain pendant necklace. Pendant necklaces provide an opportunity for personalization that other necklaces don’t because gemstones come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So if green makes your skin look sallow, choose coral or topaz instead. If you prefer a single, sterling silver chain, go for it. The point is not to copy Eva exactly, but to embrace the elements that make it work – the bold grace of a single, visible stone, enhanced but not overwhelmed by a delicate chain, will only be outdone by your own radiant face.

4. The Engagement Ring

Just to be clear, we doubt that many of our readers are about to receive a ring made of 148 diamonds, or for that matter, marry an NBA star. But we do expect you to feel like a celebrity during your engagement, and we think the trick is making the bling as personal as Eva and Tony did. Eva’s darker toned skin cries out for diamonds, so it makes sense that the ring would boast so many. Another option would be to choose a light metal, like sterling silver or platinum, for the band. If your skin is already white enough, then flank the diamond with a couple of small, darker gemstones and a gold band. This will make the diamond pop, no matter its size.

To take it one step further, Tony’s handwritten message was engraved inside the shank of the ring. We suggest a comparable, but less pricey italicized inscription on the inside of the band. Think of it as a private message that your finger can read day after day.

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