Will Fashion Jewellery Solve Your Style Dilemma?

Can fashion jewellery really solve the ultimate style dilemma and keep us hot on the heels of ever changing trends? The answer is yes. Browse through the pages of any glossy fashion magazine and you’ll notice what’s ‘in’ this week is most likely to be ‘out’ next.

With fashions continually changing, it can be hard to keep up with current trends without breaking the bank and filling your wardrobe to the brim with one hit wonders. Yet fashion jewellery can solve this dilemma, keeping the pennies in your purse and making you the savviest fashion icon in town.

So ‘they’ say metallics are totally ‘in’ but, before you hot-foot down to the shops and return weighed down with bags full of clothes in gilt, platinum and bronze, stop and think. A gold dress may look great with sun kissed skin but is sure to be shoved to the back of the closet when winter draws in and you’re pale and pasty. The simple answer is to accessorize instead. Go ahead and buy that ‘to-die-for’ black dress which you’re sure to wear season after season, but adorn yourself with metallic fashion jewellery to stay on trend.

It’s also all too easy to emulate from top-to-toe a look that you’ve seen in glossy magazines and this can be the ultimate fashion disaster (after all, we’re not all 5’10, size 0 and airbrushed to perfection!). Fashion jewellery can truly be the answer to your fashion prayers by allowing you to take inspiration from the magazines, but tailor your look to suit your own individual style. If turquoise is ‘the’ colour of the season, wear a fashion jewellery necklace or bracelet for a splash of up-to-the-minute colour. Or if Sixties Chic is the look of the week, a monochrome bangle is sure to turn you into the most stylish ‘beatnik babe’.

So simply by adorning yourself with affordable trendy fashion jewels, you’re not only keeping up with the trends but leaving yourself free to splash out on a timeless capsule wardrobe ensuring you look chic and stylish no matter what trend is ‘in’.

Adam Singleton is an online, freelance journalist and keen amateur photographer. His portfolio, called Capquest Photography is available to view online.

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